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Clay floor tiles come in 3 different sizes. The most widely used is the Quarry tile 8 x 8 x 1 (inches). The tiles are heat resistant (upto 1250oC), hard wearing and acid resistant which makes them suitable for exterior use. The other sizes are 10x10x1 and 6x6x1.

The Quarry tile is ideal for flat roof waterproofing as it withstands UV, helps insulation and screens the roof slab from water and traffic. As always in this application, a mild incline as per architect recommendation, has to be allowed. Quarry tiles used in interiors (Cotto tiles) create a rustic and warm feeling. They can be polished or sealed using a specialised sealant to prevent staining and fungal growth. Once laid, use a mild detergent to remove mortar chips and dust, then apply a mixture of linseed oil and turpentine to bring out its natural colour.

Clay roofing tiles are extensively used in the construction industry, especially in the Urban centres. The tiles are strong, maintenance free and last longer than other conventional roofing materials. Roofing tiles are manufactured in 3 different designs:
1. Mangalore Tiles

Tile Specifications
Length = 15.5 inches. Each tile weighs 2.5 kgs.
Approximately, 14 tiles are laid per square metre.

2. Roman Tiles & Ridges
Length = 14.5 inches. Each tile weighs 1.5 kgs.
Approximately, 36 tiles are laid per square metre.

3. Brosley / Shingle Tiles
These are available in 2 sizes = 6 x 6 and 10 x 6 (inches).Each tile weighs 1.5 kgs Approximately, 55 tiles are laid per square metre.

HOLLOW BLOCKS are widely used in the construction industry in this country. Their use as a filler material in hollow slab construction and also as a light partition is on the increase in order to save weight on the slabs.Hollow Blocks, as all clay products, are fire cured to meet construction specifications.
Hollow Blocks are manufactured as 100mm x 225mm x 250mm
BRICKS are the original masonry units for structures all over the world. Although they are not widely used in Kenya, (coral blocks take dominance as they are a lot cheaper to produce), they have their own ever growing market niche to satisfy. They are mainly used for fireplaces, floor paving and external facing.
GRILLS are used as a walling unit, to allow ventilation and yet ensure security. They can be used for verandahs, windows and for balustrades.

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